Our Dreamcatcher Workshop x MindBeauty

To celebrate the launch of MindBeauty App's online store, we were invited by Liv Magazine to host a modern dreamcatcher workshop during the event, which took place on Thursday 21 March evening at Commons.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of dreamcatchers, it is a wall hanging stemming from Native American beliefs, that catches all your dreams so that you can have a peaceful sleep. Needless to say it is quite common to hang them above cribs and children's beds... Nowadays, we mostly use it to add a boho chic touch to our bedroom decor.

We set up a "open yarn bar" for participants to pick and choose different colours, sizes and textures for their masterpiece and we had prepared an inspiration board to spark their creativity. The result was a gorgeous display of various styles and shapes and a lot of smiles.

For corporate and event inquiries, please send us an e-mail at hello@knittingroomhk.com.

All pictures are from MindBeauty.





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