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Not only for grandmothers.

Knitting is such a therapeutic and rewarding activity once we get the hang of it, but getting started can be hard and frustrating. 

If you would like to give knitting a go, but do not fancy spending hours browsing for the correct materials or searching for decent tutorials, we got you covered. Our knit kits include the right amount of materials, tools, as well as a full online course to give you a completely stress-free experience. You'll be able to complete the project, even if you have never knitted before.

The many benefits of knitting.


Knitting helps focus on the present moment and gives our hyperactive brains a break


Similar to a yoga flow, the repetitive movements of knitting can help reduce stress


Choose handmade instead of mass-made. 


Seeing yarn turn into a piece of clothing brings joy and gives a great sense of achievement


Knitting makes one-of-a-kind items that last for a lifetime and is a thoughtful present to loved ones

Meet the maker.

Céline Ma

Céline was born in France but has been living in Hong Kong for more than a decade. A Masters in International Business graduate, she worked as a corporate buyer for 10 years before starting The Knitting Room in 2019, to inspire other young professionals to unwind through knitting therapy. She has convinced more than 2500 makers to date, and has hosted creative workshops for companies such as Aesop and John Masters Organics. Her kits have also been featured in local media such as Liv Magazine, Hong Kong Living, Sassy Mama, Green Queen, Little Steps Asia and more.

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