To live a slower and more mindful life through knitting.

The Knitting Room was born in Hong Kong from a desire to break stereotypes about knitting and offer an easy and no-fuss way to take up this soothing art. 

Our knit kits include all the materials, tools, detailed written instructions and an exclusive access to follow-along videos, to offer you a stress-free experience. 

All our patterns are essentials of the modern life, inspired by simplicity and functionality. We strive to make knitting accessible to everyone so most of our kits are designed for absolute beginners.

Once you get hold of the techniques, you will discover the true calming benefits of knitting. Similar to a yoga flow, the repetition and focus on the movements help reduce stress and practice mindfulness. A real treat for the mind and the hands, and a handmade piece of love waiting for you at the end.