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Article: I Tried The Square Bunny Knitting Pattern

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I was browsing knitting projects for Easter and I saw this bunny pattern made out of a knitted square, and I was so amazed at how a simple shape could create such a sophisticated figure that I had to try it. Of course the details are minimal but compared to the time and energy it takes, the result is quite remarkable. If you have completed one of our Level 1 knitting kits, this bunny will be a piece of cake for you.

My minimalist side made me leave my bunnies pretty bare, but if you want to give it more life you could add face features. It's a great project if you have some leftover yarn hanging around that you would like to use up.

Here is how to make your own little minimalist bunny.

What you will need

- A pair of 6.00mm needles. You can get these from our website, otherwise we recommend these ones*.

- About 15g of leftover yarn from one of our Scarf and Blanket knit kits (or we recommend this yarn*).

- About 5g of the same yarn in another colour to make the pompom.

- Some polyester stuffing - you can also use cotton balls (those for removing makeup), or scraps of an old t-shirt. You can find stuffing here* or here*.

- A tapestry needle - you can use the one provided in our kits or you can find some here*.

- A pair of scissors

- A tape measure or ruler

1. Cast on 18 stitches and knit a square. Cast off and hide your ends.

Note if you're using a different needle size than 6.00mm: cast on the number of stitches you need to make a square of 14 x 14 cm.

If you need a technique refresher:

2. Cut a long piece of yarn and using your sewing needle, make a triangle shape in the upper half of the square, as per the picture.

I have used a contrasting colour so that you can see the shape of the triangle, but you should use the same colour as your square.

3. Place some stuffing in the triangle area and pull on the two ends to shape the bunny head and the two ears. Make a tight double knot with your ends.

4. Use the ends to sew the back and bottom together. Add the stuffing in the body before closing.

5. Make a pompom and sew it to the body.

And voilà, your bunny is finished!

Tag us @knittingroomhk or with #knittingroomhk if you make this easy and quick Easter project!

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