What is included in your knit kits?

Each of our original knit kit include: yarn in the colour of your choice, a pair of bamboo needles, a step-by-step instruction booklet with pictures, a unique activation code to access your kit videos and any other tool or accessory you need to complete your project. You don't need anything else, except a pair of scissors and a ruler. It's a all-in-one DIY kit designed for a stress-free and hands-on knitting experience.

I have never knit before. Will I be able to make your knit kit?

Absolutely! We have different kit levels. Choose a Level 1 if you are an absolute newbie, and a Level 2 if you are an adventurous first-timer, if you have knit a long time ago and need a refresher, or if you have completed a Level 1 and want to take it further.

Where do you ship?

We are based in Hong Kong and ship worldwide. You can find the destinations and the shipping costs in our Delivery & Returns page.

How long does it take to receive my order?

If you are in Hong Kong, you should receive your order within 3 days. For international orders, you should receive it within 1 to 4 weeks.

Can I exchange or return my order?

We are pretty confident that you will be satisfied with your kits. However, if there is any issue, please contact us to proceed for an exchange or a return.

Can I knit all year long?

People think knitting is seasonal, but it is actually a all-year round hobby. Knitting takes time, so there is no rule that you can't knit in summer in preparation for winter! If you use knitting for meditative purposes, then it will be useful for all seasons. In tropical climate areas like Hong Kong and Singapore, it is hot but air conditioners are also blasting all year long. So it's not unusual to carry a scarf or a blanket for baby to protect from the cold air indoors.

I don't have time to shop online. Do you have a physical store?

Our studio is not open to the public. However, there are several shops in Hong Kong that stock our knit kits, you can find there here. They may not have all our products and shades in stock so if you are after a particular item, we would highly recommend that you give them a call before making the trip.

What if I'm not able to do the knit kit?

With our online videos and detailed instructions, we are confident that you will be able to complete the knit kits by yourself. Make sure to choose the level that suits your skills. If you encounter any issue during the knitting process, we are always available to help! You can contact us by Instagram or Facebook DM, or by e-mail at hello@knittingroomhk.com. We also have a Facebook Support Group where you can post your issue and your progress and get help from other makers.