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Can I Bring My Knitting On A Plane?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The short answer is yes, you can usually bring your knitting on a plane. But there are some exceptions on what sort of tools you can take on board.

Knitting is, in my opinion, the best activity to enjoy on a plane. It is:

  • Peaceful: it will keep you busy for hours and hours and time will goes by so much faster. And you can enjoy a movie at the same time.

  • Relaxing: it helps if, like me, you suffer from travel anxiety.

  • Non-disruptive to other passengers

Knitting tools are generally allowed on the plane. However there are certain precautions that you need to take to limit the risk that they get confiscated by airport security.

Knitting needles

Needles, of all shapes and sizes, are usually allowed if they are made of wood or plastic. Avoid metal needles, as they can be viewed as dangerous objects by security agents.

Crochet hook

Crochet hooks are allowed on the plane. It is always useful to take one even if you are only knitting, to pick up stitches that may have dropped during travel.


This is allowed without any restrictions.

Tapestry needle

Tapestry needles and sewing needles are usually allowed on board, although it can be debatable. So I would say take them at your own risk! I usually leave them in my checked in luggage and leave the hide ends process for when I'm off the plane.


Scissors smaller than 10 cm are usually allowed on the plane, although I've never tried to bring one. So again I would say, bring it at your own risk. There are very good plane-approved alternatives to scissors for cutting yarn, such as nail clippers, or a floss case.

Extra tips for peaceful knitting when travelling

1. Use a project bag: keep all your knitting supplies together in a pouch or linen bag that you can close or zip, so as to not lose a needle on the go. If you have kept our original kit packaging, you can use that as a travel project bag. Having everything in one place makes it easy to carry around, especially if you're switching bags during your trip.

2. Protect your stitches: your knit project may move while travelling and stitches fall off your needles. To avoid your knit from unraveling, make sure to slide your stitches to the back of your needles (as far away from the tips as possible), before you put it away in your bag.

How about you, do you usually take your knit with you while travelling? If so, any tip that you swear by?


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